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Harmony of Essential Oil Blends | Sponsor ID 1069994
Harmony of Essential Oil Blends | Sponsor ID 1069994

The Harmony of Essential Oil Blends is a combination of simultaneous musical notes that can produce pleasing effects to the heart and mind. A blend is more than just a collection of essential oils mixed together. Blending essential oils is an art.

Just think, when a specific pitch or frequency is sounded by an instrument, there is a whole spectrum of frequencies produced. Now, visualize essential oil blends as connecting one essential oil to another to create unique melodies and frequencies.

A specific species of oil will produce different effects on different people. And, because one scent does not fit all, different people have different chemistries of their own that react differently to a given oil. If the oils hit the right combination of notes, the right music can bring a certain response to the heart and mind. They can have a psychological and spiritual effect on you.

Essential Musical Notes

Using the analogy of a musical scale, oils that evaporate the quickest, usually within 1-2 hours, are called “top/head notes.” Oils that evaporate with 2-4 hours are considered “middle/heart notes.” Oils that take the longest time to evaporate are referred to as “base/low notes.”

Top notes form a person's initial impression of an essential oil and are usually described as fresh and airy; the 'spirit' of the note. They dissipate quickly into the air.  Grapefruit essential oil would be considered a top note.

The middle notes form the "heart" or main body of an essential oil. These oils are a bit stronger and are more mellow and rounded. They typically last longer than top notes.  A middle note essential oil would be Rosemary essential oil.

Base notes bring depth and solidity to an essential oil. In a blend, they boost the strength of the top and middle notes. Their scents are rich and heavy. Oils in this category would be Vetiver essential oil.

Some oils, like Basil essential oil, can have a top to middle note, while Ylang Ylang (pronounced e-lang e-lang) Essential Oil has a base to middle note.

Essential oils are wonderful to use alone.  However, they truly come alive as you experience the harmonious sounds and frequencies they create when blended together.

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