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Fathers Are Superheroes | Happy Father’s Day

Fathers are superheroes that serve as role models on how to live one’s life and they set the standards on good parenting.  Weather his occupation is soldier, fireman, musician, minister, police officer, or construction worker, a good father is always working hard to provide the best for his family.  How many of us wanted to grow up and be like dad? Or, proclaimed that they were going to marry a man like their fathers?

What makes a father a superhero?

  • He endorses the value of equality
  • He is courteous and kind
  • He is a humanitarian
  • He has integrity
  • He has great dignity
  • He teaches fairness
  • He teaches the importance of accepting people from all walks of life

Sonia Haynes | Change Your Mind Shift Your LifeListen to Sonia Haynes | Honoring Father: The Support, The Foundation, The Rock as she shares some personal stories and anecdotes. Imparting wisdom to dads, soon to be dads, and sons.


Becoming A New Father | HypnosisDownloads.comEntering fatherhood for the first time demands a lot of changes from you. You have to switch your mindset from regular guy to dad to superhero.  And you may notice you are not getting enough sleep and that your sex life has gone out of the window for a while.

A new dad is expected to be a new man; loving, caring, and supportive to his new bundle of joy and it can be a great adventure. If you do not feel ready, or qualified for your new position in life, download Becoming A New FatherBecoming a New Father will help you access your instinctive resources and strengths; some of which you may never have known you had.


Saint Joseph's Day | Joseph Holding Baby JesusDid you know that Father’s Day was first celebrated in Spokane, Washington on June 19, 1910 but our superheroes holiday did not become a permanent national holiday until 1972?

President Woodrow Wilson wanted to make Father’s Day an official holiday in 1916 but Congress opposed him because they thought it would become commercialized.  It was President Lyndon B. Johnson, who in 1966, designated the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day by issuing the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers.  Signed into law in 1972 by President Richard Nixon, Father’s Day became a permanent national holiday.

Between 1870 and 1955, a feast was celebrated in honor of St. Joseph as Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  St. Joseph’s Day honored carpenters, persons named Joseph, Josephine, etc., schools and parishes bearing his name.  One St. Joseph’s Day custom was giving food to the needy.  In the Roman Catholic tradition, Fathers are celebrated on Saint Joseph’s Day.


Atticus Finch | To Kill A MockingbirdGrowing up with movie and TV father figures was the imaginary yardstick that, we as children, would sometimes use to measure our own fathers.  We sat and watched movies and television shows as a family like The Rifleman, The Andy Griffith Show and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.   Some of these programs played noteworthy roles in the development of children.   Sometimes we identified with some of these father figures on deep psychological levels generally felt toward our own fathers.

A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man. ~ Vito Corleone

These superheroes were men of power, authority and strength and many were constantly battling to keep their families together.  They were also protective, fun, patient and gentle.  They were positive father figures that made huge impressions in us as children.

Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird is my favorite movie father.   And, not just because Gregory Peck played Atticus in the movie, but because Atticus was a real superhero.  Atticus nurtured his children’s individual personalities, he was caring, he taught his children to treat all people with equality and respect, and he acted on what he preached.  See Listverse homage to fathers in their list of 15 Memorable Movie Dads.


Real Fathers Real Men | Tom Joyner Morning ShowReal Fathers Real Men is a Tuesday morning segment of the Tom Joyner Morning Show.  Recognizing the contributions of good men, the show reads letters submitted by listeners and honors and awards outstanding men who make life better for their children, families and communities.  These men are superheroes who make positive differences in the lives of others.


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Wishing All Fathers and Father Figures a Superhero Happy Father’s Day!

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